My love life, such as it is

Richard, looking a little less buttoned-up than usual.
A few people have asked rather impertinent questions about the state of my love life. So here it is: I'm engaged to Richard, a handsome doctor whom my stepmother adores, because when he and I get married, her notch in the status hierarchy of our small hometown will be secured. 

What's Richard like? Well, he's kind. Generous. Faithful. Prosperous. Toss in thrifty, brave, and clean and he’d make the perfect Boy Scout. Perfect husband and father material.

I've only met his parents once--a starched-linen affair in an atmosphere as chilly as the ice cubes clinking in the silver pitcher. It was not an experience I am eager to repeat, although of course I will embrace them as my parents-in-law once Richard and I tie the knot.

I must confess to finding a certain other man attractive. But he is rumored to be a bootlegger, and Girls Like Me don't give a second glance to bootleggers. Well, maybe a second glance, but certainly not a third! And absolutely not a fourth!

What do you think, dear readers? Am I doing the right thing by marrying Richard, or cooking my own goose?



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