Bob, Bob, Bobbing Along!

Darlings, you'll never guess. I just got my hair bobbed! I was dying to look like my roommate Dot, who looks almost exactly like Louise Brooks (that's her up above--Louise Brooks, not my roommate).
Alas, I failed to take into consideration that my hair is neither black nor straight. So my hair turned out looking more like Nancy Carroll's.
Which isn't so bad, it's just not what I was expecting. Sort of a halo of frizz, wouldn't you say? Has something like that ever happened to you in the barber's chair? 
Still, I feel so very modern with short hair!
Here in the 1920s, getting one's hair bobbed is quite controversial. I think it's glamorous, but some people think it's outrageous and not quite decent for a woman to chop her hair off like a boy's. Funny how in 2012, many of you ladies run around with short hair and no one thinks anything of it. In my day short hair was a STATEMENT. For an entertaining look at the controversy, read F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic story, Bernice Bobs Her Hair.
And now I'm off to heat the curling irons on top of the stove and see if I can tame this beast into some semblance of a style! Toodleoo for now.

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