Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

And here I thought the candlestick telephone was a rather handy gadget. This Internet thing is simply the bee's knees! Imagine being able to connect across all these decades. Sure am glad I took Miss Bleecker's typewriting class in high school!
My name's Marjorie Corrigan, and I'm dropping in to visit you from the Roaring Twenties. About me, there's not much to tell . . . I grew up in a small Middle Western town but I simply adore Chicago! I'm single and work at a Very Famous Department Store on State Street. (If you know which one, meet me under the clock!) I'm in Ladies' Nightwear. (Not literally, of course. At the moment I'm in a darling yellow frock with a clever black bow--perhaps I'll send you a photograph.) 
Here's what's happening in my world at the moment. The city's rocking to the rhythm of the Jazz Age. The Charleston’s all the rage. Prohibition's in full swing. Coolidge is in office. Al Capone rules the underworld. Valentino rules the box office.  
I share a prewar apartment with my roommate Dot--prewar meaning the Great War, of course, darling, what did you THINK I meant? Dot also works at VFDS. She's in Millinery. But her real ambition is to be a singer on the stage. Currently she's singing on weekends at a gin joint owned by her boyfriend, Rico. I'm not entirely sure I approve. But that's another topic for another day.
In days to come I hope to find out what's happening in YOUR world. 2012, is it? I'm simply gasping to find out what's playing at the pictures! 

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