What I Wore: Fashion Plate Edition

Louise Brooks. (source: marieclaire.co.uk)
I stumbled across this enlightening post from Marie Claire. It's a list of 18 stylish ladies of my era, the 1920s. Go have a look at them and then come back and tell me which one you like the best.

Clara Bow. (source: marie-Claire.co.uk)
Style-wise, you're most likely to find me wearing a skirt-and-sweater combo like Clara Bow's, and I am also a big fan of the cloche hat like Doris Hill is wearing. My roommate, Dot, resembles Louise Brooks up top there, lucky girl. Whenever I need to look more glamorous than normal, I borrow an ensemble from Dot, except for that one time when I "borrowed" an expensive gown from Field's for a special event and disaster ensued. Jennifer is putting that incident in our forthcoming novel, because apparently she doesn't believe in maintaining a character's dignity. 
Doris Hill and her cloche. (source: marie-Claire.co.uk)

Speaking of the novel, she just turned the second round of edits in to the publisher. I keep telling her that if she'd write the story perfectly the first time, it wouldn't need any edits. She doesn't seem to find my advice helpful and in fact seemed a little put out by it. Talk about your thin skin! Geez Louise.

What do you think about the fashions of my era?


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