Oh, snap!

Sometimes I don't think I'll ever understand twenty-first-century technology. Would you believe that my author uses her telephone to take photographs? This enables her to sneak snapshots of me when I've just woken up and haven't even had time to comb my hair.

I mean, honestly. Was this really necessary?
(She seems to think it's funny. Well, har-de-har-har.)

A telephone that takes photographs, indeed. What's next...a radio that transmits motion pictures? That'll be the day . . .

Now, here in 1920s, THIS is a camera.

I received one from my parents as a Christmas gift one year. What was your first camera? 

Hope you're enjoying a very merry Christmas season, out there in the future!



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  1. My first camera was a hand me down gift from my grandmother. A white Kodak. I remember my very first picture ever taken was of a neighbor on our porch. It was blurry. So were many that followed.


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